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Download Script Inout Webail like Yahoo, Gmail etc

Inout Webmail is the ultimate solution for all Email and Web Chat service requirements of your employees/users. It is unique, feature rich, fast, flexible, scalable and secure. Inout Webmail is now based on Hypertable, which is one of the most emerging technology in the world. The Ajax based live email service (like Gmail) makes the email management very easy for your users. The web based live chat service with instant messaging and group chat options can keep your users always connected. Advanced features like efficient spam protection, mail filtering and conversation grouping makes email management a bliss. The address book feature helps your users to maintain and organize their contacts easily. Also, this package comes with powerful mail administration options, unlimited storage, multiple mail account management and seamless integration with cPanel and Plesk, the popular web control panels. Now, you may also maximize your revenue by effectively utilizing the inbuilt adintegration, Inout Adserver Ads etc) feature. If you would like to build an email/chat portal like Gmail, or host an Email/Chat service for your employees you can start straight away, with Inout Webmail.

 Demo link : http://inoutwebmaildemo.com/
Before you read more about Inout Webmail, you may want to download fast so you can go to this link to download

Main Fitures

Fastest Email Service

Inout Webmail provides a very fast email management solution for your users. It has been renovated to work in a super fast AJAX framework(*NEW*). Your users can utilize it, as easy a desktop application and they will start forgetting that they are using a web application.

Secure and Well Organized Email Service

The powerful spam protection and login security makes Inout Webmail suitable for your professional business requirements. It is designed in such a way that, users can easily navigate through and organize emails.

Live Chat (*NEW*)

Inout Webmail is integrated with an easy to use chat service that keeps your users always connected. Familiar chat interface with instant messaging, emotions, real-time alerts and group chatting facility makes their communications just a click away. Users would love to use our features like customizable user status, automatic logging of chat history and contact facilities. This service also lets your users to have concurrent chat sessions and easy switchovers.

Calendar (*NEW*)

Inout Webmail comes with a calendar application that can be used to schedule appointments and meetings, which are called events in the Webmail calendar. This calendar provides several views, including month view, week view and day view, so the user can browse their scheduled events very easily. Inout Webmail provides a straightforward web interface for creating, moving and resizing scheduled events.

Mobile (*NEW*)

Inout webmail Mobile Edition comes with an interface specifically designed for mobile devices. This empowers your users to access the site so easily using their mobile devices. Inout webmail mobile interface helps you to gain quick access to the essentials in your account. Inout webmail automatically recognizes a browser and when such a browser type is detected, it is automatically switched to the Inout webmail mobile mode, customized for mobile screen parameters.

To Do List (*NEW*)

To do list is a feature that helps you to keep track of the things you need to do. You can create the lists of items, set due dates for your tasks. You can create lists of things you need to do and check off tasks as they're completed.

Instant Private Messaging/Group Chat (*NEW*)

Your users can send and receive person-to-person private messages or they can create a chat group. Users can add their friends to this group and perform a group chat. Instant message window indicates when users are typing, and when they close their message box or log out.

Chat History (*NEW*)

Chat history allows your users to store the contents of their chats for future searches or references. They can even respond to these chats like they respond to regular mails. Your users can optionally turn this feature off, if they prefer to do so.

Offline Messaging (*NEW*)

Inout Webmiall now allows your users to send offline chat messages. If your users get disconnected during a chat session, the unreached messages will be available as offline messages and they can see them, when they log into their accounts. A user can also send an offline message to his friend, even when he is not in a chat session with him.

Inspired by Gmail (*NEW*)

The new interface of Inout Webmail is greatly inspired by Gmail, one of the most popular email service provider on the net. Yet, Inout Webmail is unique and has its own identity, both in terms of interface and in terms of features.

Optional Hypertable Backend for Huge Data Management (*NEW*)

Inout Webmail is powered by the latest technology development- Hypertable. Hypertable delivers scalable database capacity at maximum performance to speed up the big data applications. You can start with one server and later you can set it up to multiple servers. Using this technology the application can run with reduced request latency.


Inout Webmail Features
  • Very fast, AJAX based Email Service (*NEW*)
  • Reliable, organized and secure Email Service (*NEW*)
  • Featured Web Based Live Chat Service (*NEW*)
  • Featured Web Based Calendar (*NEW*)
  • To-do List (*NEW*)
  • Optional Hypertable Backend for Huge Data Management (*NEW*)
  • Mobile edition (*NEW*)
  • Works seamlessly with cPanel/Plesk with APIs, that helps to communicate directly with the mail server.
  • Unlimited number of email accounts
  • Full MIME Support for emails
  • Custom email folders for organizing mails better.
  • Threaded/conversation message listing to group similar emails.
  • New, easy to use interface inspired by Gmail (*NEW*)
  • Efficient spam control mechanism
  • Automatic email grouping based on preset rules.
  • Automatic mail forwarding
  • Email auto reply
  • Automatically saves an incomplete mail to draft while composing an email
  • Enable preview pane by just right clicking on mails (*NEW*)
  • Inout Webmail Preview Pane provides users with the ability to preview emails before opening them. (*NEW*)
  • Inout Webmail comes with hotkeys consists of a specific key combination used to trigger an action (*NEW*)
  • Shortcuts keys help provide an easier and usually quicker method of navigating pages. (*NEW*)
  • Users can enable /disable keyboard shortcuts (*NEW*)
  • List of keyboard shortcuts are available in settings area (*NEW*)
  • Inout webmail provides the easiest method to print an email.(*NEW*)
  • Get a pre-formatted e-mail page that removes most of the clutter, making for cleaner printouts. (*NEW*)
  • Advanced search allows users to search mails based on their special criteria. (*NEW*)
  • Search mails those have attachments (*NEW*)
  • Compose emails in plain text or with a featured HTML editor
  • Emoticons for emails.
  • Attach multiple(unlimited) files along with emails.
  • Instant Messaging (*NEW*)
  • Group chatting with any number of users (*NEW*)
  • Detailed Chat History (*NEW*)
  • Offline Messaging (*NEW*)
  • Fully customizable visitor chat windows (*NEW*)
  • Different chat status like online, busy, offline, invisible and idle (*NEW*)
  • Custom status for users (*NEW*)
  • Eye catchy chat emoticons (*NEW*)
  • Profile pictures for chat users (*NEW*)
  • List online users with their chat status (*NEW*)
  • Automatically logs inactive users out of your that room by setting the idle timeout. (*NEW*)
  • Chat invitations for new contacts (*NEW*)
  • Typing status alerts (*NEW*)
  • Customizable sound alert for new chat messages.
  • Monthly, weekly and daily views in calendar (*NEW*)
  • Manage events via drag & drop (*NEW*)
  • Reminder support for scheduled events (*NEW*)
  • Set time zone for each events (*NEW*)
  • Different color for events (*NEW*)
  • Edit and delete events (*NEW*)
  • List upcoming events for a quick view (*NEW*)
  • Manage and organize tasks in to-do lists (*NEW*)
  • Set name and due date for your tasks (*NEW*)
  • Check off Tasks when you're done (*NEW*)
  • List today, pending and completed task list (*NEW*)
  • Mobile interface for a quick access to the essentials in your account. (*NEW*)
  • Well designed and elegant mobile interface (*NEW*)
  • Import contacts from Gmail (*NEW*)
  • Reply, reply all and forwarding option for chat messages (*NEW*)
  • Completes email addresses automatically for email fields such as to, cc and bcc.
  • Easily send emails to a group of recipients specifying the their contact group name.
  • Inline attachment support for mails which allows usage of links and images inside the message content.
  • User signatures to include it automatically in the email footer.
  • Optimize Web Revenues with Google Adsense and other affiliate ads (*NEW*)
  • Embedding with Inout Adserver for sponsored ads (*NEW*)
  • Easy options for reply, reply all and forward mails
  • Alert failed sending and track bounced back emails.
  • Regular folders such as inbox, starred, draft, sent, spam and trash
  • Users can create any number of custom folders according to their preferences.
  • Instant email starring (*NEW*)
  • View starred emails together that helps to easily find important emails (*NEW*)
  • Effective prioritizing by changing email status to read and unread based on user preferences.
  • Easily move emails between different folders.
  • Efficient mail searching.
  • Search emails specifically in the default system folders or the custom folders.
  • Enhanced email security by blocking JavaScript and external images
  • Spam control options for users.
  • Preview Pane to preview emails before opening them. (*NEW*)
  • Keyboard shortcuts to trigger an action (*NEW*)
  • Easier and quicker method of navigating pages using keyboard shortcuts. (*NEW*)
  • Users can manage contacts easily.
  • Users can maintain unlimited contact groups.
  • Enable global contact to allow your users to automatically add other users who are using your services to their contact(Useful in a closed environment)
  • Copy/move email addresses from one contact group to another easily
  • Automatically update contact list with recipients email address while sending emails.
  • Usefull tips through Tip of The Day (*NEW*)
  • Birthday greetings via mails. (*NEW*)
  • Security level for password strength (*NEW*)
  • Empty trash and Empty spam option (*NEW*)
  • Configurable display modes that allowing users to select the display style according to their preference.
  • Users can view their webmail interface in three different display modes
  • Multi language supporting feature which allows your users to choose their preferred language
  • Users can select their preferred visual theme.
  • Users may configure the number of emails they would like to see in their folders in each page.
  • Time zone settings for users to set their local time. (*NEW*)
  • Optionally display email quota usage to users that helps them to understand their storage space usage.
  • Users may specify white-list senders as well as black-list senders for a better anti spam controlling
  • Users may specify white-list/black-list servers
  • Mails from blacklist senders are automatically stored in spam folder.
  • Incoming email routing to custom folders, based on routing rules. (*NEW*)
  • Users can apply filter/routing rule based on the from address, subject or body of the incoming email. (*NEW*)
  • Easy user registration.
  • Password strength checking for enhanced user security
  • Efficient password recovery mechanism.
  • Easy profile, password editing.
Key Admin Features
  • Add, view and manage users
  • Search users based on based on various criteria.
  • View user account statistics in detail
  • Detailed statistics of user registration with graphs (*NEW*)
  • Detailed statistics of user login with graphs (*NEW*)
  • IP and country tracking of user login (*NEW*)
  • Easily manage user settings.
  • View and Manage email statistics for each user.
  • Enable/disable calendar (*NEW*)
  • Admin can enable or disable email alerts for events in the calendar (*NEW*)
  • Enable or disable chat feature (*NEW*)
  • Configure chat history settings (*NEW*)
  • Manage emoticon settings (*NEW*)
  • Manage new message alert settings (*NEW*)
  • Chat window settings (*NEW*)
  • Admin can enable/disable TO-DO-LIST (*NEW*)
  • View and manage keyboard shortcuts (*NEW*)
  • Admin can specify an action for a particular key composition (*NEW*)
  • Create and manage birthday email content (*NEW*)
  • Add security level of user password (*NEW*)
  • Enable or disable ads in mailbox (*NEW*)
  • Integrate Adcodes, Inout Adserver Ads (*NEW*)
  • Manage number of ads showing in different sections of mailbox (*NEW*)
  • View user contacts and profiles
  • View and manage user contact groups of each user.
  • Create and manage spam rules
  • Separate rules for spam mails and spam servers
  • Create and manage filter rule based on from address, subject and body of incoming email.
  • View and manage spam emails.
  • Create and manage reserved email addresses. Users cannot use reserved email address to create a new account.
  • Create and manage multiple themes.
  • Add and manage multiple languages.
  • View detailed user logs.
  • Configure welcome email for newly registered users.
  • Mass emailing (for sending out a common email to all users; For example, a notification)
  • Manage common email configuration settings
  • Configure general system settings, operational settings, display settings and email settings
  • Configure allowed/blocked file attachment formats.
  • Enable/disable public registration.
  • Configure attachment file size settings.
  • Enable/disable global address book
  • Override the global memory settings for each user if required.
  • Allow/disallow users to change their visual themes.
  • Configure default view, language and theme
  • Configure mail account settings.
Other Important Features
  • Easy installation
  • Developed on MVC framework
  • 100% template driven and fully customizable
  • Open source code. You may even modify the programming logic of each page including member pages
  • Easy advertising, integrating your Google Adsense and other affiliate banner/text ads
  • Free Copyright Removal

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